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Powder cocaine packaged in "corner ties". These packages are "eight-ball" size, and ounce. An "eight-ball" sells for about $200.00.

Crack cocaine rocks and rocks packaged in "corner ties". A rock can sell for $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, or more, depending on size.

Cocaine Paraphernalia associated with "snorting" Cocaine Paraphernalia: Cutting agent, grinder, scale


Street Names: Coke; Snow; Crack; Powder; Blow
Classification: Stimulant; Schedule 1
Physical Dependence: Possible
Psychological Dependence: High
Duration: 1-2 Hours
Usual Method: Sniffed; Smoked; Injected
Possible Effects: Increased alertness; Excitation; Euphoria; Increased pulse rate & blood pressure; Insomnia; Loss of appetite
Effects of Overdose: Agitation; Increased body temperature; Hallucinations; Convulsions; Possible death
Withdrawal Syndrome: Apathy; Long periods of sleep; Irritability; Depression; Disorientation
Paraphernalia, Packaging: Razor blades; Straws (tube-like instruments); Mirrors; Needles; Spoons; Cotton balls; Small ziplock baggies; Pipes; Cocaine grinders; Scales (digital and triple beam)
Signs and Symptoms: Dry mouth and nose; Bad breath; Frequent lip licking; Excessive activity; Difficulty sitting still; Lack of interest in food or sleep; Irritability; Argumentative nature; Nervousness; Talkative, but conversation often lacks continuity; Changes subjects rapidly; Runny nose, cold or chronic sinus/nasal problems; Nosebleeds; use or possession of paraphernalia.